In addition to daily and nightly visits by Deer such as you see here, we have a wide variety of creatures visiting our "whole corn feed scattering" at the end of backyard where it meets the conservation area. The conservation area behind the deer in this picture extends almost 100 miles east and west (right and left in this picture) and is a favorite, protected place for nature's creatures to live without threat from the most dangerous animals of all - homo sapiens.

The largest number of deer we have counted feeding at one time since living at this home beginning early, 2006 is eight. New babies, because it is Florida (north of Tampa in the "hill - nature country") with a very moderate climate, show up at all months of the year and not just spring. No babies in this particular image. This picture was taken from our formal living room at back of home about noon. The deer are not skittish and do not race off if / when they happen to see us in the home.
    Five Deer feeding (one slightly hidden in back)