Ralph Goes to Church

There are few things more enjoyable to me then to leave our home in Wesley Chapel about 20 minutes before sunrise on Sunday morning (quietest morning of the week) and bike south from our home to the Flatwoods Preserve - a Florida dedicated conservation area developed years ago specifically for bikers, skaters and runners.  The trip, door to door from our home is 25 miles which includes 9 miles within the park - 2 miles to the "loop" inside the park and then the loop itself which is 7 miles in circumference.

The Wilderness Preserve has a wide variety of bird life including blue herons, cormorants, geese, loons, wild turkeys, ducks...all-in-all over 75 identified species.  My personal "turkey viewing record" in the preserve is 42 - all clustered and grazing in a grass field.  Have not seen any "large" animals but I will report same here if I happen to run across any saber-tooth tigers or woolly mammoths.

Peace, quiet, tranquility and NO cars, honking horns or frenzied masses - at least when inside the park.  A perfect environment for reflection and serenity - Ralph's church.  I depart before dawn on Sunday which allows me to avoid most of the worldly "noise" and vehicles -- biking to the preserve since most humans are still sleeping.

Enjoy the 6 Minute video.  Turn your speakers off if the background music disturbs.  You can expand the video viewer but it will distort the overall images somewhat.

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