In Business, Every Minute of every Day must be spent focused on Your Mission or Your Market!

(Time wasted on anything else is inefficient, ineffective, dumb, and eventually terminal)

Laser-Like Alignment:  The Secret Ingredient in Effective Marketing.  Alignment is the secret ingredient in effective marketing. Every successful marketing effort succeeds as a result of alignment.  There are no exceptions - you must align your market and your mission or you will fail.

Every successful marketing organization is a laser, not a lightbulb.  Alignment comes when the energies in a business organization are all working congruently, in harmony, toward the same ends and without conflict.

Everything those in a business say to their market, and everything they do in interaction with their market, must be congruent.  It must be congruent with the way their market sees things; it must be congruent with the ways their market thinks and talks; it must be congruent with everything those in your business say and do.  In other words, all staff member's actions and communications must send one single, powerful message to their market - and it must be exactly the message their market wants and needs to hear.

Your Most Important Task:  Defining your business Mission so that Everyone Knows Exactly What you Do

Your Mission:  If you are confused, start by filling in these blanks with clear, succinct words your market will understand:

I support ____________________

in their desire to_____________________

by means of_____________________

When you tell somebody what your firm does, you must do it in words they already understand accurately. If you have to educate them even a bit to get them to understand what you said, you have lost!

You must be able to say in One Clear Sentence Exactly what you do, so that anyone hearing you will say to themselves:  "Wow! Sounds like I could use some of that!  I want to know more."  or else  "Interesting, but I don't need it right now." - and that response will be accurate.

Every "What do you do?" transaction is an opportunity to help listeners discover that you have something they really need.  Remember - Do not tell people what you are; tell them what you do.