Why capitalism has nothing to do with supply and demand - Nick Hanauer
Few domestic issues generate levels of emotion and arguments with more passion and fury than the vital real-life issues of income inequality and wealth distribution within the USA. It's simple, irrefutable math no matter what side you choose to believe -- the middle class, which grew out of the WWII, has been losing economic ground year after year for the past several decades. That's the indisputable math - but what are the causes and, more importantly, what are the potential remedies if any do, in fact, exist. Or, as with so many other nations during centuries past, is the USA simply destined to join the graveyard of those who slowly, but inexorably, lived - and died - through the "Rise and Fall of Nations?"

Few billionaires will touch this subject for obvious reasons. However, Nick Hanauer has not only addressed the issue, he is strenuously taking on his own "class." It occurred to me that some may not be aware of this man and his cause, so here are some links: