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All Living Things Share Similarities

By sequencing the entire genome of various organisms, including yeast, rice, and frogs, researchers have found that all living things on our planet have some similarities in their instruction manuals. The overlap exists because we all evolved from a common ancestor, a single-celled organism that lived three or four billion years ago, known as the last universal common ancestor (LUCA). Many of these common genes have been conserved through billions of years of evolution.

Human and Bananas have same common DNA from billions of years back

As surprising as it might seem that a human and fruit would be so similar, it isn’t. Bananas and humans are both living things. This means that on some level, there is bound to be a connection. For example, both bananas and humans consume oxygen. They are affected by sunlight and water. They grow. In some ways, all living things are similar. The similarity is in the gene products. This means we have something in common with a banana, as well as other plants. But if scientists were to compare the DNA sequence of a banana and a human, it would not align. We don’t share the same amount of DNA with each of our parents as we do with a banana. However, we do share about 50 percent of our genes with bananas, but that’s only about 1 percent of our DNA. Genes make up only about 2 percent of our DNA in total.